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    1. Longyou Huarun Tourist Supplies Co., Ltd. is located in South Industrial

      Development Zone, Longyou, Zhejiang. We enjoy very convenient transportation. The 46 Provincial Highway, 50 Provincial Highway and 320 State Highway are

      cross us, and Hangzhou, Quzhou Expressways are close to us. Our company is

      only 8 kilometers away from Longyou Cave, the ninth major miracle in the

      world. Our workplace of more than 7000 square meters makes us possible for

      large production.



      South Industrial Development Zone, Longyou, Zhejiang.



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      ELC Dry Hammock With Bamboo Wood Spreader Bars

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      ELC Dry Hammock With Bamboo Wood Spreader Bars

      Package Dimensions 56 x 6.2 x 3.5 inches
      Item Weight 10.1 pounds
      Shipping Weight 10.1 pounds
      Manufacturer ELC

      ELC HAMMOCK rope hammock is large enough to hold two grown adults. The total length (from loop to loop) is 11-feet while the bed resting area is 75
      inches Long x 55 inches Wide. Two steel S-hooks and two 13-inch chains for adjust. This hammock is designed to safely support a maximum capacity
      of 400 pounds.


      This Hammock is made of Textilene and Olefin material that is non-toxic fabric, soft, breathable, comfortable, weatherproof and oil proof. The fabric is
      vinyl coated for easy clean up and dry quickly. 55 inches durable bamboo spreader bar with powder coated in an oil rubbed finish protects from rot, mold
      or mildew, making it more stable and maximizing style.


      Comes with a high quality rope hammock, sturdy suspension rings, two steel S-hooks and two 13-inch chains for easy setup. Just hang it between two
      trees with straps or on a hammock stand (NOT INCLUDED). And this patio hammock is very easy to take it off and roll it up, store it.


      This rope hammock can be hung indoor or outdoor, it’s perfect for patio, garden, backyard, poolside or balcony when you reading, relaxing or sleeping.
      It offers many ways to lay or sit in it, with zero pressure on whole body. You can enjoy it with your family or your friends. It also makes an awesome gift
      for anyone.


      Every purchase is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. ELC HAMMOCK offers THE BEST VALUE. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, just let
      us know and we'll fix it. From refund to replacement, we are here to make sure that you are satisfied!

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